Welcome to the I/O Week project

A simple blog where GDG leads and friends will pour some memories of their recent I/O trips, just to share while the COVID-19 lockdown, and not being there.

Around 1st of may lots of Google Developer Groups leads from around the world, and many other geeks, start what I call the I/O week. It's the time of the year where Google will be hosting the most active week of the year in a entertainment park like environment, in Moscone center in San Francisco for years, and now back to its origins in Mountain View, Google HQ.
I remember the first year back to MV and a few days before the I/O starts, that over the security fence I took my phone and got a picture of what I call since this day Googleland :)

The enormous parking lot of the Shoreline Amphitheater plenty of the different halls for talks, showrooms and more Google prepared for that active week.

Not to mention the own massive Shoreline Amphitheater, ready for the main talks and presentations.