Right before I/O!, Orestes Carracedo, GDG Vigo and more

Right before I/O!

The days leading to the Google I/O conference are always exciting. I work in a fully distributed company, which means we don't have any offices and everybody works from wherever they feel like, around the world. That also means that we don't see each other in person until we plan a get together somewhere in the U.S. where most of the company employees live.

My I/O trip starts with a few days of sharing a house in rural Idaho and getting to bond with my friends and coworkers. We go out for a walk in the morning, have breakfast together, work for a few hours and then we hang out in the afternoon. These days prepare me for the flurry of meeting people and having fun that I/O is all about.

We get to San Francisco a couple of days before I/O because a special event takes place the day before: the Global GDG Leads Summit; a full day conference with speakers from around the world, from Google and the GDG community. The day before the GDG Summit, we have a dinner/party with all the other GDG Leads. That's when your head starts spinning. There's people coming from all over the world, all different, all enthusiastic, all hard-working leads just like you. We bond over our communities, our speakers and friends, our events and the people we help in our little corner of the world. It really makes you understand how much of a community we really are. We're always here, but we're mostly invisible to each other until we see some many of us in the same place and realise, oh wait, there's almost 1,000 GDG chapters. That's insane!

The actual Summit is always inspiring. I find myself recalling points and sentences from the presentations even years later. One that stuck with me was the mission statement from Dan Franc; "GDGs provide connection and opportunity". I wholeheartedly believe in that. Our goal is to ease people into technology, help them get proficient, entertain them and accompany them as they evolve in their technical careers. All that is crystallized in "connection and opportunity".

After a whole day of learning about other community initiatives, exchanging ideas with other leads and sharing learning experiences, it's time to wrap it up. The next day will be the first day of I/O. We'll be bumping into friends old and new made in the global GDG Leads Summit, and this time, we'll be talking about technology and the new stuff that we get to see at I/O first hand.

After these warm-up days, we are ready!

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