My experience at Google I/O, Abdallah Abedraba, former GDG Devrel, GDG Jaen lead

I can never forget the feeling that I had when I got into the Shoreline Amphitheater for the first time, where the 2 main keynotes take place and so many amazing new updates and technologies see the public light for the first time. The pure enthusiasm everyone usually has is greater than any enthusiasm I personally experienced in music concerts with 5 fold the number of attendees.

This image captures the excitement getting into the outdoor amphitheater

The word I/O should be an exciting one to anyone who is enthusiastic about technology. As a technology user you’ll find a lot of new updates and devices that improve what’s already there, but if you are working in the tech field, many of the tools you’ll end up working with in your day to day life are shared here for the first time. Being able to be from the first group of people to see them and later getting to talk to the engineers that built these tools is a learning experience that can’t be described with words!

Sundar Pichai in the background presenting all new stuff Google’s been working on!

Getting to meet new developers from around the world at I/O is great, but what’s better than that is being able to travel, discover new places and sharing my excitement and learnings with my best friends/family from the GDG Spain team: that can’t be matched! The last day we all usually go to the amazing theaters over in San Francisco and I can’t cherish more those moments with them.

GDG Spain team at Google I/O