I still remember my first Google I/O, Laura Morillo, GDE Cloud-WTM/GDG Madrid

I still remember my first Google I/O. 

Five years ago I jumped in a plane heading to San Francisco for the first time. I didn't know too many GDG Organizers as I had joined the community only a few months before, so traveling on my own to the other side of the ocean was a nice adventure. 

I had planned a few things for this trip, but due to an unexpected issue I needed to rearrange some of my plans the previous week. I decided not to plan too many things in advance and, maybe because of that, it ended being one of the best Google I/Os that I've lived.

We spent a few days visiting the main touristic points in San Francisco and, of course, Silicon Valley (with someone taking plenty of group photos that I tried to avoid ). After that, the GDG Organizers Summit began! We spent two days at the Computer History Museum knowing GDG Organizers from all over the world and learning tips about communities and technology. I also attended my first WTM dinner. They invited all the women attending Google I/O to have dinner at different restaurants (they had to reserve 5 different restaurants to be able to accommodate everyone!).

And the time for the big event arrived! I feel lucky because I had the opportunity to experience a Google I/O taking place at Moscone Center (the following years Google decided to move to Shoreline Amphitheatre, a new venue with way more capacity). We went early to try to get a good seat for the keynote and I think that it is difficult to describe the emotion that could be perceived!  Time flew by surrounded by technology, talks, gadgets and interesting people and before I knew it I was on my way back home with a really nice experience that was the starting point of a lot of things that were to come!