A year without Google IO and without NEXT, Mario Ezquerro, GDG La Rioja

A year without Google IO and without NEXT, and without an alternative ...

There is a before and after of going to an IO or similar event.
The most appropriate thing is to plan everything before and reserve one more day to visit the "Holy places of IT".

The first one, also coinciding with my first trip to the USA, is quite an adventure. In addition, if you are traveling to an IO event like GDG, I must tell you before IO there are two and now a special day to do the "Global GDG Summit" so the experience intensifies, I took advantage to visit all those sites that I only knew by photo or movies, from Apple building one, to the current headquarters of Facebook, the former headquarters of another mythical SUN, also when it can be counted as a number of places Andreu, who drives without GPS from all the times he has been, is like when you visit monuments with and tell you their stories. It is unbeatable, also knows many professionals of which I continue and continue to have an unbeatable relationship.

And what did I say about the mythical Moscone conference center (which for the moment was my first visit the last time IO was mounted on this site).

As a summary, anyone who deals with IT must be, if possible, in this or a similar event and in that area. it is an unforgettable experience